Headquarter and production in Germany




1883 Christof Grauff founded a machine factory in Bretten manufacturing machines for agriculture, e.g. feed-cutting-machines, rape-mills, fruit-press etc.


1924 – After his death his son Alfred took over the company and expanded the product range with machines working up tobacco in the thirties. In the years after the war a new product group was added: Machines for upholstery. At the beginning machines for the preparation of natural fibres for the upholstery industry were produced, e.g. Burling-Machines and Filling-Machines.

In the sixties were machines for the new upholstery material “foam” designed and produced, e.g. flock-granulators, flock-filling-machines and mattress-filling-machines.


1966 Wolfgang Grauff followed and took over the business bringing his acquired knowledge into the company. After dying of Alfred Grauff in 1978 the production of agriculture machines were stopped and since then it has been concentrated on the designing and production of machines working up foam- and fleece materials.


1995 The old factory in the town was closed and a new one was built in the industrial area.


1998 The company changed the form of organisation into a GmbH & Co. KG. Manager in fourth generation is Joachim Grauff.


2002 Take-over of company L.H. Lorch AG for the domain filling machines and feeders for the bed-industries.

Still doing service for Lorch filling machines.


2005 Construction of a new building for assembly of machines and storage.

2009 Joachim Grauff is 100% owner of the company. 


A choice of our today products:

Foam Sticks Cutting Machine, Filling Machine for pillow, Filling Machine for cushion, Filling Machine for comforter, Matress covering Machine, foam flock Granulator, Polyester Fleece Cutting Machine.