Mattress-Covering-Machine VSF

Lateral pressing of the foam cores by 2 belts and conveyance

through the mouthpiece into the cover.

Input: Roller table

Optional: Conveying belt table

Mattress-Covering-Machine VSF - technical specification

Type VSF 1000 VSF 1600 VSF 2000
Foam-width 20-110cm 20-160cm 20-200cm
Foam-thickness 6-34cm 6-34cm 6-34cm
Length 3,20m 3,20m 3,20m
Width 1,55m 2,20m 2,50m
Height 1,20m 1,20m 1,20m
Weight 360kg 440kg 520kg
Output approx. 80 pcs/h 80 pcs/h 80 pcs/h
Operation 2 persons 2 persons 2 persons