Fleece-Wadding Cutting-Machine VWK-450

Application area:

Remnants of polyesther-fleece or quilts with fabric and thin foam layer are cut into cubes size 30x30 mm or 20x20 mm or 10x12 mm (limited use for thin foam-pieces – up to max. 25 mm high). These „wadding chunks“ are an excellent filling material for cushions, upholstery-paddings, comforters etc. The “wadding chunks” can also be mixed with foam-flocks or foam-sticks to obtain different upholstery effects.


Mode of operation:

The machine is equipped with 2 cutting-devices (a lengthcutter with sharp round-knives and a crosscutter with bar-knives) and cuts the remnants into cube-size. A connected transport-blower Type FGP-140 is used for suction and transport of the material into a mixer (Type FDM) or into a bagging-equipment (silos with slow-motion stirring-devices are not suitable for this material).

An “automatic material-input” improves the material retract especially with narrow remnants. Retraction-speed: approx. 20 m/min.
Working-width/-height: approx. 450 x 30 mm



  • Pipes, pipe-bows, junctions etc. with Jakobs-connecting-system NW 150 – steel – galvanized


Type VWK-450 FGP-140
Output (kg/h) 100 100
Motors (kW) 1,5 + 0,75 2,2
Length (m) 1,35 0,6
Width (m) 0,8 0,6
Height (m) 1,2 0,7
Weight (kg) 300 80
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