Covering Machines

Here is an overview of our machines for covering mattresses and garden cushions, as well as tricot machines.


Pure-Foam-Covering-Machine VSF

On the VSF mattress covering machine, two belts press the foam cores together laterally and convey them into the cover through the mouthpiece.

Coil-Spring and Pure-Foam Covering Machine FSF

On the FSF mattress cover machine, four belts convey not only foam cores but also latex and frameless spring cores safely through the mouthpiece into the cover.

Automatic-Stockinette-Welding-Machine GBA

For covering mattress cores with PES/PA tricot (stockinette/gauze) made of bundled tubular fabric with automatic welding for closing and separating the tricot and final covering into the mattress cover.

Fleece-Welding- and Feeding-Machine VSZ

Automatic garden cushion machine for the rational production of garden cushion fillings. Foam cores are coated with polyester fleece in a welding process and filled into the covers via a cushion covering machine type KGF.

Cushion-Covering-Machine KGF

Covering machine for cushions / garden cushions and thin foam parts (2-14 cm thick) with or without polyester fleece cover.

Thin-Foam-Destacker DSA-650(-K) / TBA-650(-K) / TBT-650

For separating foam parts in order to feed them to a KGF covering machine.

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