Filling Machines

Here is an overview of our machines for filling cushions and bedding incl. feeding equipment (silos) as well as bagging systems.


Volume-Dosing-Equipment VDA

For volume-based dosing and filling of light bulk materials (e.g. polystyrene balls).

Compartment-Cushion Filling-Machine KKF

For air-impermeable pillowcases (inlets) - these are filled without air by means of a fast-moving screw (not suitable for fillings with more than 50% foam or latex content).


Silo-Filling-Machine SFF (-M)

Stocks filling materials such as foam flakes or "sticks" and fills this into pillow cases via screw fillers and/or blower fillers (type GFE - combinations are possible).

Blower Filler GFE

Blower-filling machine to blow loose filling materials into air-permeable casings.

Flock Container FBS

A slow-running agitator keeps the filling materials loose and can thus be evenly extracted by a blower filler type GFE.

Foam-Flock-Feather-Mixer FDM

Fast-running agitators mix the various filling materials and keep this loose, and it can thus be evenly extracted by a blower filler type GFE.

Ball-Forming-Unit BFU

For the production of polyester fibre balls from opened or unopened siliconised hollow fibres. Furthermore, this equipment can also be used, due to the integrated mixer, to mix different filling material (e.g. ball fibres with foam sticks etc.) and serve directly to fill pillows.

Bagging-Equipment ATE + ATD + VAE + VAD + VAB

For filling (and vacuuming) of blowable upholstery filling materials into air-permeable or air-impermeable bags (0.8 m - 1.2 m diameter up to 2.2 m long). With quick-clamping system.

Automatic Filling-Equipment ADF

Filling Machine with weighing system for example for pillow, compartment cushion, feather- and down bedding, comforters, etc. - for the connection to the feeding equipment Types FZ-....
For exact dosing and filling of downs, feathers, blow able fibers, fiber balls, foam-Sticks or flocks and mixtures. Dosing and filling is done in separate steps.

Vacuum-Filling-Table VFT

Can be fed via various feed systems and fill cushions with various filling materials using the negative pressure process (vacuum).

Manual Filling Equipment KFE

For filling of honey-comb comforters, channeled quilts, sleeping bags and down jackets; dosing and filling is done in separate steps.

Electronic Filling Equipment FW

Suitable for filling of all types of bedding articles which need only one filling step - particularly pillows.

Open Conveyor Silo FZB

Open conveyor silo for down, feathers, fibres and foam-flocks or “sticks”. For filling directly out of sack.

Closed Flap Silo FZR

Closed flap silo for down, feathers, fibres, foam-flocks etc. For filling through vacuum-process.

Closed Conveyor Silo FZ

Closed conveyor silo for down, feathers or fibres.
Combination of FZB and FZR for larger capacity.

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