Cutting Machines & Granulators

Here is an overview of our cutting machines and foam flock granulators.


Foam "Sticks" Cutting Machine SSP + SSA

(SSA= separate connecting machine, operating only together with SSP).
Foam remnants (waste) are cut into foam sticks almost dust-free with the foam stick cutting machine via 3 cutting units.

Foam Pre-Cutter SVZ / SPZ

Pre-Cutter to cut PU foam sheets (e.g. block trimming remnants, scrap mattresses or bigger foam scrap) into stripes of approx. 25 – 100 mm width as an ideal raw material for our Foam-“Sticks”-Cutting-Machine type SSP-500 + SSA-500.

Foam-Flock-Granulator FHM-420 / FHM-425

PU foam remnants (waste) are torn into flocks with the FHM-420/425 flock-granulator by means of a high-speed rotor equipped with 32 hammers.

Foam-Flock-Granulator FHM-550 / FHM-570

Same principle as FHM-420, but foam-flock-granulator FHM-550/570 has a larger filling opening (65 x 25 cm) and stronger construction (60 hammers).

Fleece-Wadding Cutting-Machine VWK-450

Remnants of Polyester fleece or quilts are cut into cubes by the VWK fleece-wadding cutting machine using two cutting units.

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