Foam Pre-Cutter SVZ / SPZ

Application area:

SVZ-1000: Shredder to cut PU foam sheets (e.g. block trimming remnants, scrap mattresses or bigger foam scrap) into stripes of approx. 25 – 100 mm width as an ideal raw material for our Foam-“Sticks”-Cutting-Machine type SSP-500 + SSA-500.

SPZ-1000: Like SVZ-1000, but with an additional cross cutter device for short cut approx. 25 – 50 mm
in order to transport the foam parts pneumatically (e.g. with vacuum system diam. 300 mm into a bale pressing system).


Mode of operation:

The foam parts which have to be pre-cut are put onto the lower infeed conveyor. The shorter upper conveyor keeps
the material tight and transfers it safely towards the length cutting device (with robust roll shear blades – approx. 25 mm in width and 212 mm in diameter).
The infeed speed is approx. 25 m/min. The cutting width (stripe width) can be adjusted every 25 mm (= blade width) depending on the assembly of the knives and strippers.

On type SVZ-1000, there is a double conveyor discharge after the length cutting device which can take over the cut stripes and transfers them safely out of the machine, where they either have to be taken off manually or are transferred further by conveyor.

On type SPZ-1000, instead of the double conveyor discharge of the SVZ-1000, there is a cross cutter device following with one fix knife and two rotating knives to cut the stripes into pieces 25–50 mm short. With this size, the material can be transferred pneumatically into a pipe system, also to far distant removal stations – this will keep the working stations, where the foam remnants are produced, clean and free and this with a relatively low noise level of approx. 75 dB(A) (without blower).


Type SVZ-1000 SPZ-1000
Output (kg/h) 2000 1000
Filling opening (cm) 20 x 100 12 x 100
Motors (kW) 22 26
Length (m) 3,8 3,0
Width (m) 1,8 1,8
Height (m) 1,5 1,5
Weight (kg) 2500 3000
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