Ball-Forming-Unit BFU

Application area:

For the production of polyester ball fibres from siliconized hollow fibres.
Furthermore, this equipment can also be used, due to the integrated mixer, to mix different filling material (e.g. ball fibres with foam sticks etc.) and serve directly to fill pillows.


Mode of operation:

Opened fibres (unopened fibres as well) are blown into the mixer (which also serves as a silo) or thrown in manually when the cover is opened. One load maximally is 25 kg. The turbines are frequency controlled – for unopened fibres, higher speed of the turbines in the beginning of the process will cause an opening of the material – thus you can forego an expensive fine opener. Sliders open and unblock the circuit between the mixer and the turbines. After an adjustable time (approx. 8 – 15 min. with 12 turbines or 15 – 25 min. with 6 turbines – depending on material and required ball shape), the device shuts down controllably (version with one mixer) or can be switched over to the second mixer (version with 2 mixers) which meanwhile was unloaded and reloaded. Contrary to the versions with one mixer, the unloading and reloading time can be compensated and thus, higher capacity is achieved!

The fibre balls can be filled into sacks by optionally available transport blowers (FGP) with bagging stations (ATD or VAD). Alternatively, up to 2 blower fillers (GFE) or filling equipments (FW-10-3) can be connected to the mixer from below, in order to fill cushions directly. If requested, other filling material (e.g. foam pieces) can be added before withdrawal – after mixing time of approx. 30 sec., the mixed material can be filled into the cushions directly. The machines are designed to upgrade them later with more turbines or mixers from a smaller device into a larger one.



  • Wooden box for filling, optionally with weighing unit, type SVE
  • Blower type FGP for material input and or material withdrawal
  • Pipes, bows, switches etc. with Jacobs connection system diam. 150 mm – galvanized steel -Bagging stations type ATD or VAD to fill ball fibres into sacks (with or without compression) -Blower filler type GFE or filling equipment type FW-10-3 to fill cushions


Type BFU-3000-1-6 BFU-3000-2-6 BFU-3000-1-12 BFU-3000-2-12
Amount mixer 1 2 1 2
Amount turbines 6 6 12 12
Output* (kg/h) 60 100 80 150
Motors (kW) 20 27 33 40
Length (m) 2,2 3,4 3,2 4,4
Width (m) 2,8 2,8 2,8 2,8
Height (m) 2,4 2,4 2,4 2,4
Weight (kg) 1500 2300 2000 3000

*The output data are based on new, opened, siliconized hollow fibres 7 den – 32 mm long – other material can lead to different performances and qualities! With unopened fibres, the ball forming process takes about 30 – 50 % longer. The opening grade depends on the material and is at approx. 95 %. Emptying by blower type FGP-160 (5,5 kW) is assumed (emptying time is approx. 3 min.).

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