Blower Filler GFE

Application area:

Filling station for filling various blowable filling-materials (f.e. foam-flocks or foam-sticks, polyesther-fibres/balls, feathers etc.) into air-permeable cushions and upholstery.

Mode of operation:

Feeding of the blower-filler is done at the suction side by hand or by a connected silo Type SFF(-M), flock-container Type FBS or mixer Type FDM. By vacuum process the filling-material is sucked in constantly by the blower-filler. The cushion- cover is pulled over the filling-pipe and held tight. By activating a foot-pedal the regulator-flap at the suction-pipe opens and the filling-materia/air-mixture flows with high speed into the cover. Working with adequate pressure the filling- material is spread out evenly inside the air-permeable cover.
Various powerful blower-types, depending on cushion-size resp. air-permeability of the covers can, be chosen. The blowers type –H are high-pressure blower-fillers which have frequency controlled drive-motors, they reach special and adjustable output-datas (high pressure with relative low volume-flow – especially suitable for relatively air-tight cover- fabrics).


  • With a time-switch control the desired filling amount can be preselected at constant feeding volume rated with a tolerance of approx. +/- 5 %.
  • A filling-head makes an additional air-escape by relative air-tight fabrics possible.
  • A clamping device holds the cushion-cover tight on the filling-pipe or filling-head pneumatically. - Various filling-pipe diameters are available (depending to blower type).
  • Compressed air-ring-injector for support small fillingpipes


Type GFE-100 GFE-140 GFE-140-S GFE-100-H GFE-100-HS
Output (kg/h) 150 250 350 250 500
Filling Pipe Diam. (mm) 60 - 100 90 - 130 90 - 130 25 - 80 60 -100
Motor (kW) 1,5 2,2 3,0 2,1 6,5
Length (m) 1,2 1,2 1,25 1,3 1,5
Width (m) 0,8 0,8 0,85 0,95 1,1
Height (m) 1,4 1,4 1,45 1,45 1,5
Weight (kg) 85 90 95 130 140
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