Open Conveyor Silo FZB

Open conveyor silo for down, feathers, fibres and foam-flocks or “sticks”. For filling directly out of sack.


Mode of operation:

The sack holding the material is placed manually (or optional by additional bag lifting device) over the opening on the top of the silo and opened. The material drops onto the speed-controlled conveyorbelt and will be transported towards the charging cylinder with agitator. A distribution reel shaft will hold back too much material and holds sensor controlled always the same amount of loose material inside the charging cylinder. This guarantees precision and speed to the connected filling equipment.



Type FZB-10 FZB-15 FZB-20
Hopper-Volume (kg) down 3-5 5-7 12-20
Suction nozzles (pcs.) 3 4 6
Length (m) 2,7 2,7 3,5
Width (m) 1,0 1,5 2,0
Height (m) 1,6 1,6 2,0
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