Automatic-Stockinette-Welding-Machine GBA

Application area:

for covering mattresses with stockinette (PES/PA Tricot) from bundles (long hose) and automatic welding (closing and cutting the tricot) and final covering into the mattress-cover.


Mode of operation / consists of:

Basically, the line consists of several driven roller conveyors, an adapted F2 tricot machine made by HEYNEN-SYSTEMS (TRICOVER) from Holland, a mattress covering machine type VSF or FSF and an electrical circuit with Siemens S7 PLC control to control the complete line.

The mattress core is put onto the driven rollertable manually or supplied from a previous automatic line.
At the end of the roller table, 2 further drives support the transport of the mattress core safely through the following tricot stretch device. For a fast change of the tricot, the pneumatically driven tricot stretch device can be moved out of the line to one side. Even more timesaving is our model GBA-2200-D with double strech arm.
The front part of the already tricot-covered mattress core will be taken over by a drive and transported until sensors detect the end of the mattress core through the tricot. The welding device, which is between the tricot stretch device and the second drive, starts automatically - the welding separates and closes the tricot on both sides in one step.
The following mattress covering machine type VSF-2200 or FSF-2200 has meanwhile safely taken over the front part of the tricot-covered mattress core with belts - the mattress cover can be put onto the 900 mm long mouthpiece during the automatic tricot covering and then the mattress can be covered directly without loosing time.
Energy consumption: depending on model 4 - 6.5 kW - 400 VAC - 50 cps. / compressed air 6 - 10 bar



One cycle for one mattress takes approx. 20 sec. (without change of tricot or size adjustments) - up to 120 mattresses can be covered with tricot and the outer mattress cover per hour (depending on material and operator).



Type GBA-2200 GBA-2200-D RBA-2200
Coil Spring Width (cm) 80-220 80-220 80-220
Coil Spring Height (cm) 15-38 15-38 15-38
Pure Foam Width (cm) 80-220 80-220 80-220
Pure Foam Height (cm) 10-38 10-38 10-38
Length (m) 6,0 6,0 2,5
Width (m) 5,2 8,0 2,5
Height (m) 1,7 1,7 0,7 - 1,1
Weight (kg) 2000 2400 200
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