Fleece-Welding- and Feeding-Machine VSZ

This equipment is designed to produce garden furniture upholstery-fillings by fully automatic welding process.

The machine can use the following materials:

  • Polyester-Fleece: 150 – 450 g/m2... 40 – 75 cm wide...rolled to fleece rolls max. 110 cm diameter
  • Foam-Pieces: 30 – 70 cm wide... 2 – 5,5 cm high... 45 – 220 cm long


Mode of operation:

2 fleece-rolls (lower and upper layer) are placed into the fleece-roll-tub and forwarded to the fleece-storage (powered) Type VS-750. The fleece-storage is used as an intermediate station to be able to change fleece-rolls during automatic-operation – change is done by use of the Heat-Impuls-Welding-System Type WIS-750 which welds the ending fleece-roll together with the beginning of the new fleece-roll.
After passing the fleece-storage the lower fleece-layer will be transported under – the upper fleece- layer will be transporter over the destacker Type DSA-700-N. The destacker separates the foam-pieces which are stacked up in 1 or 2 channels (according to cushion-type – one- or two-piece cushions) and drops down 1 or 2 foam- pieces within a pre-set interval onto the lower fleece-layer.
After the destacking process the foam-pieces are covered with the upper fleece-layer and a conveyance-device transports the prepared filling to the special-welding-device Type WIS-750-S.
This welding device is designed – with very short welding- and cooling-times – adapted according to fleece quality – to weld-in the foam-pieces exactly and save material.
When using the program adjustment with foam-pieces the machine activates in addition to the conveyance-measurement also an additional foam-end-recognition for an exact positioning.
After the welding-process the finished filling is lifted by a take-out-device and placed onto the conveyorband-table Type TBA-600-N. This conveyorband transports the filling towards a further take-out-device which holds the filling until the start-signal of the following Covering- Machine Type KGF will release – the operating person slides the cover over the mouthpiece and fills the cushion.

The special advantages of the equipment resp. the quality of the filling are:

  •  rational production of large-series
  • high output (especially with low fleece-weights) – up to 300 two-piece-cushions/h
  • fillings do not slide away / fleece does not fold
  •  fillings can be stored prefabricated in stock (foam-pieces cannot drop-out) and at a later time covered by using a standard covering-machine
  • programming of optional fleece-overlap – also for pure fleece neck-parts
  • manufacturing of pure fleece-cushions (without foam-pieces)



Type VSZ-750-E
Output up to 300 two-piece-cushions/h
Operation 1 Person Covering / 1 Person Filling
Length (m) 14
Width (m) 2
Height (m) 3
Weight (kg) 1000
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