Foam-Flock-Granulator FHM-420 / FHM-425

Application area:

All foam-materials (polyurethane, polyester, viscoelastic, latex etc. – except thermoplastics) are processed into foam-flocks with these granulators. Foam remnants are used as raw material. The building structure of the machines are extremely compact and sturdy. The flocks can be granulated in different sizes from 8 – 35 mm.


Mode of operation:

The foam remnants are placed onto the infeed-conveyorbelt and transported through a pressbelt into the granulator housing. An additional band-stop-control (standard equipment for FHM-550 and FHM-570 – optional for FHM-420 and FHM-425) prevents that material will clog the rotor. The highspeed rotor is equipped with hardened hammers (without counter knife) which beat the foam as long until the pieces fit through the wholes of the installed sieve. The sieves are availabel in different sizes and quickly changeable. An integrated transport-blower vaccums the flocks from below the sieve and forwards them through pipes into connected bagging-stations, mixers or silos.


  • The noise intensity of the granulators are relatively high (appr. 92 – 105 dBA)
  • The output statements are based on a sieve-whole diameter of 20-25 mm. Using smaller whole diameters the output will go down!



  • Pipes, bows, junctions etc. with Jakobs-connecting-system NW 150 – steel – galvanized



Type FHM-420 FHM-425
Output (kg/h) 180 220
Filling opening (cm) 35 x 20 35 x 20
Motors (kW) 15 + 2,2 + 0,18 18,5 + 2,2 + 0,18
Length (m) 2,1 2,1
Width (m) 1,1 1,1
Height (m) 1,2 1,2
Weight (kg) 520 540
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