Foam "Sticks" Cutting Machine SSP + SSA

SSP-500: Foam sheets or rolls are cut into 1-A quality "sticks" by the foam stick cutting machine SSP-500 using two cutting units.

SSA-500:  Add-on part for SSP (operating only together with SSP)


Application area:

Designed for dust-free cutting of all customary soft-foam-types into “sticks”.
This material is suitable especially for upholstery-fillings (f.e. compartment-cushions etc.) and because of its geometric shape exceptional good for mixing with other filling-materials like downs, feathers, fibre-balls etc. The “sticks” obtain excellent upholstery effects whereby the dust-free process and the regularity have special advantages comparing to “flocks”. Further more the energy consumption is much less compared to a flock-granulator.
The cutting length is steplessly adjustable by an optional available frequency-converter to the crosscutter. According to the quantity of the crosscutter-knives the cutting-length vary from 4 – 30 mm. The cross-sections of the “sticks” are adjustable
in 4 mm-steps (for example 4x4, 4x8, 8x8, 8x12,... mm) by little alterations.


Mode of operation:

SSP = basic machine for cutting pre-cuts (sheet- or roll-products 4 – 10 mm thick – up to 100 mm high piled) into A 1 quality sticks. The basic machine Type SSP has an infeed-conveyorbelt, a lengthcutter-device, double-conveyorbelt-device, crosscutter-device and transport-blower Type FGP-160.

SSA = separate connecting machine (operating only together with SSP) with quick changing system, consisting out of infeed-conveyorbelt and a lengthcutter-device. By use of this additional lengthcutter-device shapeless foam-pieces (remnants) are cut 3 times whereby the 3 necessary dimensions of a “stick” will be obtained.
After the cutting process the material will be vacuumed by the transport-blower Type FGP-160 and forwarded into an existing silo, a mixer or a bagging-station.
The retract-speed is approx. 30 m/min.


Accessories / optional equipment:

  • Frequency-converter-control for crosscutter (for adjustable cutting-length)
  • 14-knives-crosscutter for short cut of min. 4 mm
  • Transport-pipes, bows, junctions etc. with Jakobs-connecting-system NW 150 - steel - galvanized



Type SSP-500 & FGP-160 SSA-500
Output (kg/h) 300-500 300-500
Filling opening (cm) 12 x 50 12 x 50
Motors (kW) 19,05 7,5
Length (m) 3,3 2,0
Width (m) 1,2 1,2
Height (m) 1,4 1,4
Weight (kg) 1350 640
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