Automatic Dosing- and Filling-Equipment ADF

For dosing and filling of down, feathers, fibers, fiber balls, foam sticks or flocks and their mixtures. Dosing and filling are performed in separate operations. Connection to a closed silo (feeding equipment) type FZ or FZR is required. These filling equipments are available with 2 to 4 weighing bins in 3 different sizes. Type ADF-50 is mainly used for filling of cassette blankets with smaller chambers, sleeping bags or down jackets. Type ADF-100 is suitable for filling pillows and blankets with small to medium filling quantity. Type ADF-200 is suitable for medium to large filling quantities such as for upholstered pillows.


Mode of operation:

The filling material is sucked out of the silo into the weighing bins by negative pressure. Each bin has its own vacuum fan for this purpose. The system works with self-learning software, which constantly recalculates the most ideal time factor necessary to achieve the previously programmed weights without weight compensation (blowing back to the silo in case of overfilling). A final weight control is made without suction air influence - an automatic weight compensation takes place if necessary. The filling quantity, tolerance and number of fillings are programmed in advance. Programming can be done directly on the modern industrial PC with large touch screen or via Ethernet or USB interface from your Windows PC - thus, almost unlimited programs can be stored.

Operator: 1 operator for filling the silo and for operating the equipment


Capacity (fillings/min.):

Is mainly dependent on the number of weighing bins, the chamber weight and the desired tolerance. In addition, substantial increases in output are possible with the optionally available "automatic filling table" for cassette blankets (up to 24 fillings/min.) or multiple filling heads for single-chamber cushions.


Equipment consists of:

  • Machine frame made of aluminum profile
  • 2, 3 or 4 stainless steel weighing bins with electronic weight detection system, bins with built-in sieve, agitator and automatic dosing of antistatic liquid
  • Rotary flap and shut-off gate system for fast material flow
  • Industrial PC control system programmable via 15" touch screen for single weight filling, series filling, different weights in series filling and article related programming, incl. online service.
  • Filling and discharging fans with stepless speed regulation controlled by frequency converter
  • Filling tubes with outer diameters of 25-80 mm with quick-change system, optionally with compressed air ring injector support for smaller diameters. For ADF-200 diameter 70 to 100 mm optionally with double-walled filling head D=145 mm with ring clamping device for cushions.
  • Power supply: 3 x 400 Volt, 50 Hz - Compressed air: min. 6 bar, max. 10 bar


Optional accessories:

  • Automatic filling tables AFT
  • Vacuum filling tables VFT
  • Jaws- or ring clamping device
  • Double walled filling pipes or filling head
  • Compressed air ring injector for support with small diameters


Type ADF-50 ADF-100 ADF-200
Volume weighing-bins (l) 50 100 200
Filling weight (g) 3-300 (at 50% down) 5-600 (at 50% down) 50-2500 (feather or mixtures)
Tolerance min. (g) 0,5 0,5 2,0
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