Screw Filling Machine KKF-60

Field of application:

Suitable for filling free-flowing filling materials such as spelt or millet husks, cherry pits or Polystyrene balls, as well as fillings with siliconized fibers or feathers in pillow covers (not suitable for pure foam or latex fillings). High pressures can be achieved with the high-speed screw - it is also possible to fill into air-impermeable ticks.


Mode of operation:

The filling material is either poured into the hopper from above, or a bag silo or big bag is positioned above the hopper, which then discharges free-flowing filling materials into the screw channel. An optional vacuum blower sucks the material into the screw, removing dust in the process. By pressing the foot switch, the screw starts and conveys the material without blowing air, even into air-impermeable cushion ticks. An optional timer control is available, which can be used to achieve relatively accurate volume metering.


Additional equipment:

  • Timer control
  • Speed control for filling screw
  • Dedusting blower


Type KKF-60
Motors (kW) 2,2 + 2,2
Output ca. 1 kg / 10 sec.
Length (m) 1,5
Width (m) 0,8
Height (m) 1,75
Weight (kg) 200
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